1000 Acts

1000 Acts

1000 Acts is an opportunity for Gateway Vineyard to join together to show God's love and kindness through individual and group acts of service to bring blessing to many.

How does it work?

1000 Acts is an invitation to everyone to join us as we look to bring life, smiles and hope to our communities  through acts of kindness.

Building on previous years with our 1000 hours campaign we are adapting this to be in line with the current Covid restrictions and guidance because we want to be safe and care for our neighbours, colleagues and friends in this season.

We are so pleased to continue our partnership with the national #Loveyourneighbour campaign and would encourage you to be creative and not to underestimate the power of small and simple measures to show your appreciation for someone.

There are some bigger projects we have prepared to send out encouragement packs to people and family activity packs this half term which you can sign up for, or nominate someone to receive one via gtwy.ch/help.

We will be sharing different ideas that everyone can join in with wherever you are and would love to hear your ideas and to see what you get up to through our social media page gtwy.ch/instagram

If you have other ideas of projects you think would be good to explore and can do in the current restrictions please do let us know, we would love to chat with you to help bring these ideas to life.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Smile and thank the checkout staff at the supermarket/ pharmacy/ doctor’s surgery for what they do
  • Pick up some litter in your local area (with care) as you take your daily exercise
  • Send someone a kindness note (signed or anonymously)
  • Write a thank you card for the teachers at your local school and maybe add a packet of individually wrapped biscuits for their tea break
  • Nominate someone for an encouragement pack via gtwy.ch/help
  • Nominate a family to receive an activity pack gtwy.ch/help
  • Offer to sweep or weed your neighbour’s driveway, take them some baked treats or offer to do another task that will bless them