COVID-19 Updates

Tuesday 17th March 2020 to Thursday 30th April 2020

This has not been the easiest decision to make but in light of the recent government guidance we believe it is the right decision to suspend or postpone all our gatherings from midnight Saturday until further notice.

This means that our Sunday gatherings across both sites and our midweek groups are going to look different.

On Sundays we can gather in creative ways, a link will be sent out on Sunday mornings at 10:30am so together we can join in with worship, talk, stories of what God is doing and opportunities for prayer.

We are looking into how we can continue to connect mid week via technology such as Zoom etc. Information will be sent out in the coming days how we can ensure youth, students and Planet Kids still feel connected.

We are also putting plans in place to make sure those that don’t have access to technology don’t feel isolated.

Just because we we cant meet in person doesn’t mean the church stops being church, far from it!

Despite the sadness in not being able to gather in ways that we have become used to we are also faced with incredible opportunities.

Throughout the bible and history it’s the church that has chosen to respond differently in moments like this

So rather than panic and fear the church has responded with love and compassion

Rather than look out for number one the church as looked out for the other, the lonely, the vulnerable, the poor the ill.

When the system cant cope it’s the church that has come up with creative ways to meet the needs of the situation.

So, what can you do next:

Make sure you are connected with us, if you are only connected with us on social media but would like to receive more information via email, then please contact us at

If you know someone who is part of the Gateway Community who may not have access to email or social media please, give them a call and let them know what is happening.

If you are on our mailing list you will have received a email this evening explaining in more detail what you can expect over the next few days or you can watch it here



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