Dad’s Days

Saturday 19th March 2016 10am
Eaton Park

Creating events for dads to spend extra time with their children. Come join us at 10am for a morning of trikes, bikes and scooters at Eaton Park…weather permitting…

Meet at 10am at the children’s play area – steal the swings, capture the fire engine or conquer the zip wire! At 11 o’clock we can unleash the children and take a wander round the park before raiding the coffee cart. No pressure, no time limit, no entrance fee. Just rock up and join in 🙂

If it’s pouring with rain, snowing, freezing or otherwise awful weather, abandon the park and meet at Baseline Soft Play in Horsford. Entry at Baseline is £3 for children aged 1-5, £2 if under 1 year. Meet there at 10am and stay for as long as you like. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and food all available. There is an area for older children if you want to bring them but it is in a different part of the building. If you’ve not been to Baseline before, check out their website:

Don’t worry about booking, just turn up and play for as long as you like.

For more details please contact Andrew Wiltshire at